Collection Servaes

In the serene peace of the famous Saint Servatius Basilica at Maastricht’s Vrijthof, directly across from the bustling city life, Sphinx Tiles found its inspiration for SERVAES: a high quality tiling concept in which smooth, new and distressed features are united in one tile, as a bridge between the present day and the past. It is the combination of the smooth finish to the edging and the natural relief that gives SERVAES such a unique feel, which can be applied in both a classical and an ultra-modern interior. Complete with skirting, stripes and murettos to be used in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and intensively used project-based spaces. The tiles are of course rectified (small joints) and the various sizes can be modularly combined with each other (with continuous joints.)

  • Naturale
  • Grafico
  • Lappato